Item Analysis: An Internet Application
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Kuder-Richardson (KR20)
Cronbach's Alpha

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Additional Testing Info at:
  • Univ of Lethbridge
  • Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation
  • Univ of Illinois
  • Illinois Elementary School
  • Tech Paper from Paul Barrett
  • SAS (used in Samples 4 and 5) Also: here
  • SPSS (Used in Sample 6)
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    Number of Items:
    Responses are offset by:
    Number of Alternatives by Item:

    - Allows you to compute the Reliability and Biserial and Point-Biserial Correlations using the data you have entered above
    Enter data in the boxes. When entering the scores, do not type commas, periods, or other special characters. After you have entered the data, press the (COMPUTE) button. A report will then be generated and displayed on your computer. The data that you enter will be saved automatically so that you will not have to enter the data more than once.

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