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Onboarding/Employee Transition Software

Actionspace - Corporate Task Management for HR (
Easy-to-use yet powerful business task management software, natively integrated with SharePoint and Office 365. Provides a simple way to organize and control everyday HR projects and tasks. HR departments effectively use Actionspace for managing Onboarding and Offboarding processes, organization of Training&Development events and other HR events, as well as for everyday management of HR team and collaboration with other departments.

AutoHire (
Increase productivity and reduce costs using AutoHire's Onboarding system to streamline your new hire paperwork. Regardless of your company size or requirements, our completely customizable onboarding system can provide a solution to fit your needs.

Brainshark (
Brainshark makes onboarding new employees easy by allowing companies to combine live, face-to-face training sessions with on-demand eLearning content for a blended learning approach to corporate training.

BrightMove Onboarding Software (
In today's economy, time and accuracy are everything and you have to trust that every "I" is dotted and "T" is crossed. With BrightMove's Progression product, we have you covered with the industry's most flexible business automation platform. Engage clients, new hires, employees and internal stake holders in every aspect of the business.

bswift (
The bswift system takes employees through an online onboarding process tailored for each company. Employees are prompted to read applicable company documents, policies, procedures, etc., and to complete various tasks such as benefits enrollment, payroll/tax forms, and compliance classes and/or forms. Additionally, online workflow checklists can be set up to ensure that employees and various managers and administrators complete the tasks necessary for bringing on a new employee successfully and smoothly.

Caprivi Solutions Inc. (
Caprivi's SharePoint Onboarding Solution uses a SharePoint template and is built using proven software and which is highly configurable to suit your process and onboarding form template needs.

Cognology (
Cognology Onboarding takes the hard work out of providing exceptional onboarding experiences for new employees. Best-in-class HR support and functionality to automate forms, compliance and policies.

DynaFile (
DynaFile is a cloud employee file system with paperless onboarding. Automate the conversion of paper files to electronic format, then manage employee files in the cloud. Use document control to consolidate employee information while simultaneously restricting or allowing access to specific types of documents for specific groups of users. Integrated online forms and electronic signatures provide a paperless employee onboarding process. New hire forms can contain links to regulation documents like employee handbook, supplemental information like photo ID can be attached and once completed, all documents from the onboarding packet are automatically filed in DynaFile. Try it free for 30 days!

Efficient Forms (
Much like automated tax preparation software, Efficient Hire's intuitive and customizable online interview module asks employees a few simple questions to determine form requirements. Efficient Hire goes a step beyond and hand-holds and guides new hires through the entire process, step-by-step.

eHireForms - New Hire Onboarding Software (
Is new hire paperwork causing you grief? Are you tired of wasting a new hire's first day on the job filling out paper work? Our new hire/employee onboarding software is just what you have been looking for. It will save new hires time by allowing them to enter their information one time, and have that information flow on to all of your new hire forms. They can then electronically sign them and get to work. Your HR staff will love how easy it is to manage and track new hires!

Employee Onboarding Resource Center (
Employee Onboarding Resource Center offers resources, articles, assessments and practical tools for enhancing learning, productivity, motivation and retention of new employees.

EmploymentTalk™ (
The leading online career transition solution available since 2000, used widely by outplacement and career management firms as a comprehensive solution powering their practice, client delivery, consultant management and improving the overall experience of career transition for all participants. EmploymentTalk™ also helps organizations who offer career services including recruitment firms, job boards, career centers, universities and companies with exiting employees.

enwisen (
AnswerSource Onboarding orchestrates all of the steps in the onboarding process through a personalized new-hire portal. With forms management, task management and socialization your new employees can pre-board via the portal to ensure a productive Day 1 start - with goals aligned, equipment/services provisioned and line managers ready for the new employee.

Equifax Automated Onboarding (
Equifax can make your organization's entire onboarding process more accurate, efficient and compliant with a Web-based process that can save you both time and money. By using online forms and electronic signatures, your new hires are guided through your specific and customized forms checklist in a timely and convenient manner.

ExactHire (
The ExactHire Employee Onboarding Software technology helps eliminate paperwork and redundancy to fully optimize the way new employee information is collected.

GeniusHR (
GeniusHR's Onboarding software is an online onboarding solution that streamlines the onboarding process in multiple ways. Converting a recruit to a hire can be performed in just a single step. GeniusHR's onboarding tool takes all the information you collected on a new hire during the recruiting process, such as personal data or earned certifications, and parses it throughout the system wherever it's needed. Enrollment forms, W-2's and other tax forms are automatically generated and sent directly to the new employee. Task assignments for things like employee ID badges, orientations and safety classes are created, and auto-notices get sent to the appropriate departments for action. The GeniusHR Forms Designer lets you create your own hiring offers, employment contracts, employee welcome letters and other new hire documents, and allows you to follow the progress of everything with its powerful visual process map.

Halogen eAppraisal (
Get new employees up and running quickly with employee onboarding forms from the Halogen Software library.

HRMDirect (
Dramatically improve new hire readiness and reduce administrative overhead with HRM's online New Hire Onboarding. HRM enables you to easily roll out, automate and manage every critical aspect of bringing a new hire on board and up-to-speed. Our streamlined online onboarding bridges the gap between recruiting candidates and turning them into productive, loyal employees.
With HRM, you'll easily assign and track new hire paperwork and tasks using intelligent forms, the industry's most polished electronic new hire packet, and intuitive web portals for your whole team.

iCIMS On/OffBoarding Software (
iCIMS' flexible Talent Platform includes advanced onboarding & offboarding capabilities including electronic forms for completion, scheduling of orientation, internal notification to key parties etc.

Kenexa (
Our Onboarding solution is a powerful web-based application that eliminates paper, cycle time and data-entry errors associated with new employee onboarding. We provide a seamless bridge between the candidate experience and the employee experience, integrating with your Recruitment Technology, Performance Management and Learning Management systems, and driving high performance in your organization.

Key Survey (
Key Survey offers the technology and experience developing enterprise portals to organize all HR operations. In one centralized interface your solution can share and track all employment documents surrounding the onboarding process, administer new forms to existing employees and run reports on the data that is being collected. Key Survey will even notify you when a document or task needs review with automated alerts and data workflows configured to your specific process. Key Survey also gives you limitless options to assign access level and permissions so you can be sure the right people have access to only the forms and information relevant to their job role.

Kronos Onboarding (
Kronos Onboarding is an integrated and configurable module of Workforce Talent Acquisitionâ„¢ that helps you efficiently process new hires by automating many of the time consuming tasks associated with the hiring process.

myStaffingPro (
Complete the new hire experience with myStaffingPro's onboarding solution.

Onboardia (
Onboardia is a unique concept in day one new hire and temp onboarding and training. Our focus is getting your new employees up to speed quickly and consistently, which saves you time, increases efficiency and boosts productivity. This makes you more profitable starting on day one. Onboardia was just named on the Top HR Technology Products List for 2013 by Human Resource Executive Magazine.

OnboardingExpress (
OnboardingExpress is a web application that allows employers to support electronic employee onboarding. Instead of using paper, employees and managers view and electronically sign and file all of the required forms and documents online. Your documents are stored securely online where they can be accessed anytime. There is no faxing, no lost documents and no filing cabinets to mess with. And OnboardingExpress makes reactivating employees a snap.

Oracle Taleo Onboarding Cloud Service (
Making sure new employees have the tools they need to be productive faster-from computers and phones to business cards and organization charts-reduces time to contribution and dramatically improves new hire experience.

Peoplefluent (
Peoplefluent's Onboarding Software offers organizations a configurable process for introducing new employees to your company, ensuring that they are poised for success by knowing what is expected of them. The Onboarding software also manages the tasks, and with a customized portal, helps socialize the new hires. As a benefit to the organization, new employees become productive more quickly, forms management is simplified and consistent, and management has full visibility into employee progress along the way.

PeopleMatter (
Onboarding new employees has never been easier or faster than with our online employee onboarding software. Managers and new hires can complete the entire employee onboarding process online before Day One, so everyone's ready to work when they walk through the door!

PeopleStrategy (
PeopleStrategy's HROnline® solution is a hosted, self-service, workflow driven Human Resource (HR) enterprise and payroll automation platform that streamlines administrative tasks including benefits administration, performance management, employment compliance, risk management while strengthening workforce productivity. This Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a self-service tool that benefits Human Resource administrators, managers and employees. Clients can add specific human resource features as needed when they are ready for the next step in functionality.

Perceptive Software (
Perceptive Software content management technology automates and streamlines new employee onboarding. Forms and new hire paperwork, such as direct deposit authorizations, insurance enrollment forms and confidentiality agreements, can be easily linked to the appropriate electronic personnel record in your HR software, along with any pertinent documents from the hiring process.

Saba Employee Onboarding Software (
With Saba, you are able to implement a comprehensive employee onboarding solution that enables new members of your workforce to hit the ground running by taking advantage of prescribed information regarding employee goals and expectations, combined with a clear development plan that can incorporate real-time learning and blended learning programs. Not only does this improve time-to-contribution, but it also provides a focus on continuous performance improvement and ongoing development.

SilkRoad technology, inc - RedCarpet (
Foster great relationships with your new hires and allow them to be fully engaged right from the beginning. With RedCarpet™, SilkRoad's automated onboarding and life events solution, you can effectively manage your employee's transitions throughout the entire lifecycle. SilkRoad technology is the leading provider of Web-based talent management solutions, helping companies recruit, onboard, review, reward, and retain talented employees.

Snagajob Onboarding software (
Snagajob Onboarding software auto-populates forms, reducing errors and guaranteeing legibility. And when required fields are left blank, your new hires can't continue in the process, so no more having to check behind them. With built-in error checking and other enhanced functionality, we eliminate the extra work often associated with the new employee onboarding process.

SuccessFactors (
In addition to the traditional on boarding functionality, such as forms and task management, SuccessFactors Onboarding also provides features that are entirely focused on helping the new hire feel connected and informed from the start. By giving new hires the ability to meet and interact virtually with their peers even before the first day, SuccessFactors improves employee engagement and ultimately, new hire retention.

Technomedia Onboarding Module (
The recruiting process doesn't stop with the hire. Many times companies are so driven to recruit talent inside their organization that they neglect to think about what will happen once the new hire arrives at their door. What if you could shrink the time it takes for a new employee to get up-to-speed at your company? That's exactly what the Technomedia Onboarding module does. It allows companies to go beyond simple orientation and helps new hires become familiar with the overall goals of your company on day one. It provides electronic forms and standardized workflows to capture new hire data in a process-oriented, self-service environment.

321Forms (
321Forms is self-service onboarding for all your new hire forms. We simplify form completion by empowering your employees to complete their paperwork online, legibly and without redundancy. With electronic signatures, unlimited online storage, and on-demand printing, our secure, robust onboarding user experience saves you time, money and headaches.

Wingnut HRIS (
Onboarding employees to your organization is an essential step between the selection and development stages of the employee life cycle. Make sure that your employees are getting the most out of the initial learning process through Wingnut's onboarding tools.


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